Dec 20, 2008

"What It Means To Me" By Ben Wright

Entering high school as a skinny fourteen-year old could have been a traumatizing experience for me. But I discovered a that my love and talent in visual arts could be therapeutic and comforting to me, when the world was codand did not feel how I was expressing myself. It was my artwork which became very personal and I pulled further and further away from sharing my work with others. Knowing this, my Mother pulled me from beneath my bed sheets and brought me to the DNAW art class.

Not only did I grow as a visual artist, during these secessions of creative exposure I met and worked with established artists . The majority of the classes were instructed by Vera Smith, our interactions forced me to I grow an community citizen. She encouraged to to see my art in all phases of my life. The work that I did strengthened both my artistic skills and my appropriation for all art forms but it also restored my confidence as an individual. I believe that this unique program is capable in building character, a since of responsibility, and a since of value in this city's youngsters. While identifying the spectrum which radiates all the colors in the relationships and life.
In times of economic hardships, the arts flourish... and I have witness the life changing experience that this program offers each and every one of its students first hand... being one of them and all. -Ben Wright