Dec 9, 2010

DNAW UPDATE: December 4, 2010

DNAW East:

Attendance is consistent, but we are still missing a few of our great young artists each week. Each week missed is a training experience lost, let’s stay on top of our training, and stay in league with our other classmates as we prepare for our great exhibition in May 2011. The pictures should tell all that we are humming along; the clay pieces are now taking on a personality each unto itself, we cannot wait to see the end product. Keep watching this blog!

DNAW West:

Class attendance is good, some new student additions, but we really need everyone that is enrolled to come each week and on time, space is now very limited. Interest in the program grows weekly as other young artist peek into the Redford Library classroom and realize that they too want to take advantage of this great art training opportunity. The present activities include: advanced drawing techniques, beginning sculpting, and clay vessels. The next art skill phase is scheduled for January, so stay tuned to this blog for the latest in what we are doing here at the Redford library!